Russian Industrial and Environmental Forum ROSPROMECO

 6 - 7 April 2017, Moscow, Complex of office buildings of the Government of Moscow

Epishov 2013

Dear Colleagues!

On 9-10th November 2015 at the Complex of administrative premises of the Government of Moscow the Industrial and Environmental Forum «RosPromEco-2015» and the «Best available technology for assurance of sustainable development» exhibition, destined to demonstrate innovative national and overseas developments in the area of negative influence on the environment prevention and reduction at all stages of the life cycle of goods – from raw material extraction to the last stage – goods transformation into waste subject to utilization, will take place. The Federal Council and State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (Russia) and Rosprirodnadzor are participating in event organization. The forum is held with Government of Moscow support.

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Within the Forum’s business program representatives of legal entity, business, science, education and community will present their points of view on ecological modernization based on the best available technology, commercialization of innovative ecology-focused developments issue resolution for discussion and also discuss measures directed towards outdated and inefficient technology rejection, shift to BAT principles and modern technology implementation.

Considering the relevance of objectives resolved at the Forum and taking into account the increasing importance of the ecological factor in the development of the Russian economy, I invite you to participate in the III Russian Industrial and Environmental Forum «RosPromEco-2015» events and ask you to consider the possibility of presenting an exposition and presentation of Your Company’s ecological projects at the «Best available technology for assurance of sustainable development» exhibition within the Forum.

With regards,
A.P. Epishov,
CEO of the Forum


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